Management Team

Led by Rajendra Achalare, the founder director of Achalare Realtors, the management at Acahlare comprises of industry veterans and dynamic youngsters, who are taking the name and its philosophy, further ahead.


    Founder – Director

    Rajendra Achalare, is a man with a vision for the future. A strong leader and a determined individual, he has tremendous foresight which has been illustrated through his successful journey till now. Extremely passionate and hardworking, he made forays into segments and locations that were not explored much. In 1990s, he gauged the potential of Baner area in Pune and ventured into land development, before turning his attention to real estate development. Today, he has helped Achalare spread its name across Baner, Balewadi and Mahalunge. He mentors the team and gets the best out of them, like a true leader.



    An adventure-sports enthusiast, and a practical individual, Abhijit Achalare manages the Project Operations at Achalare Realtors. Having joined in 2000, he secured his first independent construction scheme in 2003. From then onwards, he has been playing his role with finesse. He credits his knowledge of the industry and his expertise to his yearning for practical knowledge. He ably looks after the overall Project Operations of the firm, and Abhijit will be heading numerous construction schemes in the immediate future.



    One of the youngest in the Achalare clan, Rohit currently manages the Department of Purchase, Rental Properties, Business Development and, Sales and Marketing. An alumnus of Symbiosis School, he studied Mechanical Engineering at MIT. Subsequently, he earned an MBA degree from Syracuse University, New York. From an early age, he has been ingrained with real estate and has worked with the Achalare team. In 2010, he re-joined the team and began shouldering more responsibilities. Under his fresh and vibrant management, the team at Achalare is sure to evolve with advances in technology.



    One of the first people to have joined Achalare Realtors, Mrs. Deepali Kule thoroughly uses her expertise in government liaising, land acquisition and handling legalities. With more than 20 years of experience with Achalare Realtors, she has always given her all to the organisation in roles spanning from accounting to legal, technical support to administrative responsibilities. Over the years, having nurtured expertise across departments, Mrs. Kule plans to lend her skills in many more areas in the Company.