Work Culture

Surmounting all hurdles that come their way and holding onto their responsibilities with conviction, are the two most essential assets of the professionals at Achalare Realtors.
The team at Achalare is epitomised by the following values which in turn shape the work culture here:

  • Honest
  • Hardworking
  • Compassionate
  • Customer-first

Culture at Achalare

At Achalare Realtors, the work culture that is promoted is directed towards creating a congenial and harmonious work environment. Every individual is respected and encouraged to work to the best of his abilities to deliver efficiently all the work allotted to him / her within acceptable quality parameters.

The culture provides a stress-free and healthy work atmosphere where there is no bias or prejudice towards any religion, caste, creed or region. Everybody is given an equal opportunity to grow and work towards his/her ambitions in this vibrant environment. Meritocracy, efficiency at work and achievements are encouraged and the company is supportive of all its employees in helping them lead a healthy and happy life by striking a work-life balance, and also fostering a desire for relentless ambitions and achievements.

Career Path at Achalare

All employees at Achalare Realtors have a defined career path leading to a respected position in the organisation.

The company will provide all assistance in terms of learning and development, mentoring and training to ensure that employee growth is not hampered by acute skill gaps. Employees need to focus on efficient work, self-development and seek knowledge and skills needed for reaching their personal goals.

Activities at Achalare

At Achalare Realtors, we are guided by a philosophy called the ‘you-friendly’ approach. But having a ‘you-friendly’ approach is not limited to the home-buyers we serve. We make sure that we are ‘you-friendly’ with our co-workers too, so as to ensure that they work in a thriving environment. From providing opportunities for growth and creative freedom to hosting celebrations and activities for rejuvenation, we continually strive to provide an enriching experience for the work-force at Achalare Realtors.

Celebrating Ganesh Festival

Ganesh festival celebrations at Achalare office were vibrant and full of warmth. We held fun-filled competitions for the team members like Ganesh decoration through paper quilling, Modak eating competition, Rangoli competition etc. An award was given to the best dressed team. We all had a great time, and proactive participation by everyone brought us together and closer.

Training Programmes

We here at Achalare Realtors believe that we should continually strive to be at par with the upcoming trends and skills required for the real estate industry. With this motive in mind we periodically organise training programmes for our co-workers. Programmes like Polaris covered topics like customer service, office etiquettes, motivation, team work etc. On the other hand, Corporate Alignment training covered topics like aligning work-force efforts to match the vision and mission of Achalare Realtors, building trust and brand identification, brand behavior and loyalty, levels of engagement and commitment, information and data sharing practices etc. Everyone including the managing committee and our Managing Director Rajendra J. Achalare participated in these training programmes.

Diwali Party

Every year, we celebrate Diwali by welcoming new members to the Achalare family. As a part of the Diwali celebrations, we organized ‘Runanubandha’ at project Honeydew. Additionally, this time, we celebrated Diwali with a special gesture – we welcomed new members to the Achalare Realtors family by presenting them with Diyas made by autistic children from Prasanna Autistic Center. An orchestra performance, recreational games, contests, dancing and scrumptious food by ‘Multispice’ made this Diwali a memorable one.

Picnic to Durshet Forest

Recreational activities are just as important as work. Such activities are all the better when they are organized in bountiful nature. So, periodically we take time out from our busy schedules and go out for a picnic. This year we visited the Durshet Forest where everyone actively participated in activities like Tarzan jump, crossing the Burma Bridge, zip-lining, rappelling etc. Games like treasure hunt proved to be excellent exercises in team building and bonding. Once back, everyone felt refreshed to work with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Employees Testimonials

  • "I am working as an Estimation and Billing Executive for 2 years in this oragnisation. It has indeed been a pleasure working here. We are not treated as employees but as family members. The environment is so friendly and active that we automatically get into new ideas and work very enthusiastically. Our seniors are the most helpful people and their guidance is so precious that we gain a lot of practical knowledge from their experience. The Managing Director Mr. R. J. Achalare is the person whom we look up to for inspiration. The Management takes care of all the staff and makes sure that the standard of living and the salary assures pleasurable work experience in the organisation. The company also takes care of its Customers and is very particular about the product that it delivers. We are encouraged to come up with new ideas and honoured for the work we do which is of paramount importance in an employee’s life. In all, "Achalare" a name which I wish to work with throughout my life and will strive for the company's bright future."
    - Himanshu Potdar, Executive - Estimation & Billing

  • "I have been working with Achalare Realtors for the past 3 years. It is a company that teaches you to think POSITIVE! And to tell yourself that you can change for the better and can do the things you are capable of in order to reach your full potential. A company that gives you opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge to let your talent prosper in a positive work environment. I am very happy to be a part of Achalare Realtors that helps me grow and enhance my skill."
    - Vanaja Goswami, Executive – Admin

  • "I have been working for Achalare Realtors for almost three years now, and what I like the best about this organization is how focused it is on people – be it employees, customers, clients, contractors, suppliers, etc. Each and every staff member is respected and his or her contribution is considered important. Achalare Realtors offers many growth and development opportunities and a chance to learn how to think out of the box and always find new ways to achieve the best results within cost, quality & time parameters. The opportunity to work with such an organization has been invaluable for me and I am proud to be associated with Achalare Realtors. I'm looking forward to my future at this organization and I believe Achalare Realtors is an excellent organization with which not only can we build good projects but a good career as well!"
    - Revati Sathe, Sr. Executive – Human Resources

  • "I belong to the field of architecture. When I started to work in real estate, I was very worried about the difference in work culture. But Achalare Realtors provides a healthy work culture & a creative working environment to architect to maximize efficiency. Core Management gives space to the architect to work up to his caliber & complete freedom to create innovative & unique designs. They provide a rational approach to architectural thought, and adopt new design concept & construction technology, not only in the design stage, but the support to implement it in the construction stage. The management understands the importance of architectural thought process, aesthetic & technology from conceptual stage to construction stage. They give you a platform to place your problem & follow through to resolve it. They admire your achievements to increase your morale. As a company, we give more thought towards the designing & planning aspect to understand the requirements of the end-user. This you-friendly approach & commitment enhances our quality work. I feel very happy & thankful to work with Achalare Realtors."
    - Arun K. Kulkarni, Architect

  • "My experience with this company has been very unique. The company is a perfect rational body which cares for the both 'the haves' and 'the have-nots'. It tries to optimize the objectives of firm without compromising business ethics. Quality, Research, Excellence and Humanity are the four pillars upon which the company exists. The consumers' sovereignty is the sole aim of the company. It creates utility with emotional bonding."
    - Milind C. Deo (Chief Engineer)