Our Belief

The ethical profile of a company is as valuable as its other assets. The goodwill earned by philanthropy is far more important than business done. In keeping with character of Achalare Realtors, we have also made their presence felt in the sphere of social welfare.

Our Contributions

We extend the thought of "Thinking you-friendly" to every aspect of living. Here are some of our humble contributions to the society:
  • Labour health camps on sites
  • Crèche for kids of labourers
  • Charra donation through CREDAI for drought-affected cattle in Beed district
  • Donation to underprivileged children through Vanchit Samaj Organisation
  • Sponsoring education of exceptionally talented and needy students from diverse parts of society
  • Providing facilities such as medical help/during hospitalisation for staff members

Annual Celebration 2017

The members of Achalare Realtors family came together on 15th June 2017 to celebrate their happiness. At this Annual Event, we felicitated our hardworking teammates who contribute significantly in crafting You-Friendly homes.

A step to keep Baner Green and Serene

Planting trees is certainly a great gesture and initiative to protect the Mother Earth. We have decided to do our bit as responsible citizens by watering the plants on Baner Road this summer. We hope it will make our area serene and refreshing. This is our small step to make our environment greener and happier.

National Safety Week at Achalare Realtors

At Achalare Realtors, our team members are our most prized possessions, irrespective of the position they hold. We celebrated 46th National Safety Week on our project sites Olympia, Citrine and Honeydew from 4th March to 11 March 2017. The staff and the construction workers were educated about the safety measures at the construction sites.

Creche Formation

Achalare Realtors encourages the labourers’ children at its sites to spend their time in some productive way. So a crèche has been formed at HoneyDew site and a full time teacher has been appointed to teach the children and take care of them while their parents work at our site. We will also be regularly providing study material to them like informative charts consisting of alphabets, numbers, fruits, animal toys and biscuits to the children at crèche.

We had undertaken an activity of distributing goodies / hampers containing fancy Spiderman, Ben10, Barbie sacks, school supplies like scales, erasers, colouring books, crayons, pencils, balloons, biscuits, chocolates, alphanumeric stencils, etc to the children of the labours in the age group of 4-5 yrs. at 3 our sites namely HoneyDew, Citrine and ShreephalHomes.

Ms. Rutuja Achalare – Director along with some employees from HR & Admin Departments spent time with these children in the crèches at our sites. Through this activity, Achalare Realtors has taken a step towards inculcating the importance of education in the minds of these children. The children were very excited and happy to receive these hampers.

Donations to 'Aapla Ghar'

Achalare Group contributed some funds and decided to donate the same in the name of our MD as his birthday gift to “Aapla Ghar”. Aapla Ghar is a centre that provides shelter, food and education to economically backward parent-less children and old, who are housed at two locations, Warje and Donje. The children there attend regular schools affiliated to Maharashtra State Board for Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. Children are being trained in various vocations like stitching, printing, handicraft, carpentry, electrical wireman etc. Various social activities are organized at their centre which inculcates social, moral and cultural values in the children.

Employees donated food supplies like 61 Kg. Rice, 10 Kg. Jaggery, 15 Lts. Oil and Biscuits. They also spent some valuable time with the children and old at the centre. The children and the old were very happy to spend their time with the staff of Achalare Realtors.

Helping those without a Voice

Our employees decided to help a centre for disabled cats and dogs in Kothrud run by Dr. Priti who is a vet. Employees from Accounts Dept. visited this centre and enjoyed their time with these animals. The employees donated about 7kg. cat food to this centre.

Tree Plantation

Achalare Realtors along with being “YOU FRIENDLY”, also promotes being “ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY”. To implement this approach, we undertook a tree plantation activity at two of our sites. At HoneyDew, tree plantation activity was undertaken along with School children and staff from Shri VidyaBhavan English Medium High School, Pirangut. Employees from Construction Division, D&D, Sales depts. and our Managing Committee Members participated in this activity.

National Safety Week at Achalare Realtors

At Achalare Realtors, our team members are our most prized possessions, irrespective of the position they hold. We celebrated the safety week by educating them about their and other team members' health and safety.

Labour Health Checkup Camp at Achalare Realtors

We conducted a 'Labour Health Checkup' camp at our construction sites to make sure that our workforce stays healthy and serves efficiently in delivering 'You-friendly' homes.

Doing our bit for Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan

Staying true to our philosophy of thinking you-friendly, we at Achalare Realtors joined hands with The Rotary Club to create a clean, garbage-free environment. On Sunday, 25th October 2015, we conducted a cleanliness drive at Mhalunge, in association with the Gram Panchayat. As a result of enthusiastic participation by Team Achalare, we were able to take a step towards Swacch Bharat, by delivering a Swachh Mhalunge.

Empowering journalists with technology

While prominent cities across Maharashtra have established offices for working journalists, such a facility isn't available to the journalists working at taluka level. As the first such office came up at Mulshi, Achalare Realtors expressed their support to the hardworking journalists by making a contribution that went beyond monetary donations.

Achalare Realtors donated two computers and one printer to the Patrakar Bhavan at Mulshi, which would help the working journalists. A humble contribution, it showed the group's faith in freedom of expression by the people.

Celebrating traditions, spreading love!

Vaari, is an integral part of Maharashtrian culture and the city of Pune has always been closely connected to it. On 11 July 2015, employees at Achalare Realtors came together during the vaari and distributed sweets among varkaris, while they were in Pune. While sweets were just a token of expressing their love, the employees spent valuable time with the varkaris and made them feel at home in Pune, during the 3-week long journey. The humble gesture was well-received by the varkaris, who left with fond memories

Blood Donation Camp

On 5th July 2014, a blood donation camp was organised by us in Pune in association with the Rotary Club. Conducted over 4 hours at Tapasya Clinic, off SB Road, it received a heartwarming response from the people, who walked in large numbers to make their contribution to the noble cause. The collection was substantial and made the blood donation camp a successful initiative.
We believe that every blood donor is a hero for the society and here are the names of some of the heroes who donated their blood:
Mr. Arun Kulkarni, Mr. Kiran Katakdhond, Mr. Milind Deo, Mr.Rakesh Borase, Mr. Dattatray Jadhav, Mr.Mangesh More, Mr. Manoj Aawle, Mr. Ravindra Jadhav and Mr. Pawan Miniyar.

Because you-friendly also means environment-friendly

Responding to the call of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi, the employees and staff at Achalare Realtors organised cleanliness drive at Kalikadevi Mandir Sansthan and Jangali Maharaj Mandir in Pune on 19 October 2014. Mr. Rajendra Achalare, our managing director participated in the drive.